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Featuring the two dynamic programs:   The ABCs of Quilt Appraisal©
                                                                The ABCs of Quilt and Fabric Dating©

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Learn the skills necessary to become an appraiser.
Have you ever wondered how quilt value is determined or entertained thoughts about becoming a quilt appraiser but don't know how or where to begin?  Now at your own pace and from the comfort of your home, learn the skills necessary to decide whether the quilt you are considering for purchase is a good buy, how to add value to your own creations, as well as the skills necessary to begin a quilt appraisal practice of your own.

"Determining Value: The ABC's of Quilt Appraisal."© includes information: Appraisal Basics, Comparing Quilts, Considering Art Quilts, The Written Appraisal, Factors to Consider when Determining Value, Researching and Determining Value, and more!

Along with narrated appraisal methodology, the DVD also features the demonstration of nine actual quilt appraisals which guide the viewer through the process of examining the quilt, and explains the details and data that are pertinent to the written appraisal and determining the factors that influence value.

 A fraction of the price of attending a conventional class - only $39.95.   Click here to purchase.

Customer Comments:

"I just love Deborah Roberts' Appraisal CD!  The many menu selections made it easy for me to go back and review just one of the segments at a time.  There is so much information that I go back and review again and again.  Thank you Deborah."  Julie Crossland, 2004 AQS CERTIFIED APPRAISER, Chairman, NH Quilt Documentation Project.

"I wish there had been something like this when I began my appraisal studies."Julia Zgliniec - Past President - PAAQT, AQS Certified Appraiser

"Great program Debbie!  Very thorough and comprehensive."  Caryl Schuetz, Past President - Professional Association of Appraisers - Quilted Textiles

Learn to Date Quilts and Fabric.

DVD format - THE ABCs of Quilt and Fabric Dating ©
A two disc program which includes access to the online vintage FABRIC ID Database.

Having trouble dating a quilt or vintage fabric?  Now, new on a CD/DVD combo - take the guesswork out of dating your quilts and vintage fabrics.  With thousands of searchable vintage fabric images on the Fabric ID CD©, as well as the Quilt and Fabric Dating Course on DVD -  It's Not a Mystery Anymore: The ABCs of Quilt and Fabric Dating©, you will soon find yourself able to chronologically date any number of quilts or fabrics.

BONUS! AVAILABLE ONLY THROUGH THIS PROGRAM: Covering the years from 1750 to 2000, this program includes the bonus FABRIC ID® CD that allows access to a vintage fabric database with thousands of fabric images.  The database will be searchable by keyword, date, type, color, and more.  This is truly a one of a kind product - perfect for fabric study. The  online format allows for continuous updating of both fabric and study information as available.


What others are saying:

"Very easy to follow, all I have to do is enter my search criteria and voila!"  L. Fisher,  New York

"The DVD is packed with great information and quite easily understood.  THE CD is incredible...lots of fascinating fabrics....and such early ones too! I could not be more pleased with this purchase."  A. Hill   Omaha, Nebraska

"I could not wait to get started with this program, not only is the DVD class informative, but the CD allows viewing and access to fabrics from every era, even up close details.  Thanks for the great program."  K. Birch, Maryland

"I review the dating content again and again and always learn something new - it is so easy to go back to just the time period I need, and the Fabric ID database could not be more fun." L. Elliot, Ohio

Both the Dating DVD and Bonus Fabric ID® CD are now available for $39.95 each. 


The ABCs of Quilt Appraisal© - $39.95

The ABCs of Quilt and Fabric Dating© - $39.95



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